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gibson girl

Why I Hate Gyms

Posted by jdawgspi on 2006.01.20 at 14:35
I dutifully got up at a decent hour, not sore at all from my easy workout yesterday, do go have another round. But since I had that chili and beer last night, my tummy was not the happiest ever and I felt a mite sluggish. But after a little dragging around, I finally got over there about 10:15. There were, at that moment, three other people in the workout room, including two approximately 18-year old Barbies with vaguely blank expresssions and this guy who was there yesterday that reminds me of Willaim H. Macy in "Fargo." However, I got on a treadmill and started walking through my tummyache, while 18 year-old with vaguely blank expression after 18 year-old wandered in. And this girl tried to kick me off my treadmill (there are three of them) after I'd been on it 20 minutes. I realize I did not obey the rules of the sign-up sheet, but the place was empty when I got there! I told this girl that I would be done in 10 minutes (and kindly did not remind her that there were 9 other machines - bikes, ellipticals and stairclimbers - available) and that it would be all hers then. She huffed off and glared at me. From now on, I'm there no later than 8:30. This is doable.

I cannot exercise in a room full of 18 year-old girls with their blank expressions and copies of Cosmo. It makes me depressed, which is very distracting. That's why I prefer yoga on my bedroom floor. But alas, that doesn't do much for cardio requirements. Bleh. We'll try again tomorrow.


(Anonymous) at 2006-01-20 20:35 (UTC) (Link)
Good work!
We don't need no stinkin' Barbies.
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