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Bit of a strange question...

Posted by djonma on 2006.06.07 at 19:05
I'm disabled. I have really bad problems with my muscles. They're a complete mess.
I can't do any kind of heavy exercise as I pay for it for weeks afterwards.

Walking is enough pain as it is.

But... I really do need to do something.

Right now I'm looking for ways to strengthen my ankles and wrists as I'm getting a lot of pain in them whenever I put any kind of weight on them.

If anyone can give me nice, gentle exercises that will slowly strengthen them to the point where I can do something a little more strenuous, I'd be really, really grateful!

I've cross-posted this to a few communities, so for some of them, there's really obvious stuff in the above.


jdawgspi at 2006-08-22 09:19 (UTC) (Link)
HI - I just noticed that joined our club. Awesome! We have all fallen off the horse.
As far as exercises go, all I can think of is to see if you can find a good yoga instructor to help you out with some gentle exercises. They specialize in helping people who need extra care.
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