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Drunken Monkey

The Weight

Posted by jdawgspi on 2006.03.10 at 07:43
I've realized that I only lose weight in spurts. I go on a "healthy kick" and eat perfectly for, say, a couple pf weeks, do really well, exercise, start losing pounds. Then invariably, for one reason or another, I fall off the wagon, start frequenting Dunkin' Donuts again, eating bagels, craving ice cream. Not sure what did it this time, but something did. And after every bagel (with cream cheese and coffee with cream -- and, ugh, caffeine) I'd tell myself that I need to get back on the wagon or I'd gain all the weight back and have to start over from scratch. But that hasn't happened yet, so I never learn. But today I can feel the resolve in myself to get back on my healthy living wagon. Too bad I'm leaving to go on a booze-soaked 9-day vacation. But luckily, I'll be walking a lot, and also I'm glad that Ireland is not exactly, how you say, a vacation destination known for its fabulous food. Good thing we aren't going to Italy or anything, or I'd be screwed.

Many Guiness (Guinneii?), here I come.

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